Junior Kickboxing


Junior Kickboxing

These classes are designed for children of all ages who are new to martial arts. In these classes you will be taught the basic principles to give you a solid grounding that will help develop and progress your child to reach the best that they can be.

The classes will teach fitness, discipline, self defence, respect, team work, unity and kick boxing skills that will give your child confidence in the Dojo that they can take into everyday life

Advanced Junior Kickboxing

This class will take the skills that your child has developed and take them to a level of excellence beyond their imagination. The advanced juniors will learn techniques that they can transfer to real life situations if needed. This class gives specific focus to sparring, giving the pupils extreme confidence in the boxing ring that will enable them to use the many impactive and varied techniques they have learnt. The class is also very fitness orientated which ensures your child will reach a level of fitness far beyond their peers.