Martial Arts – the Ultimate Work Out!


Are You Looking To Try Something Different?

Welcome to the British Combat Academy (BCA) , a full time independent world class kick boxing and fitness training centre based in Horbury, West Yorkshire.

The BCA is led and owned by the principal training instructor and 5th Dan black belt Sensei Peter Lakin.

The club has grown in strength and popularity in the five years since it was first established, This surge in membership numbers has resulted in the BCA relocating to our much larger and purpose built premise here in Horbury Bridge.

If you as an adult want to become an elite K1 (Combat) Kick boxer or achieve an exceptional level of fitness then you have chosen the right place. If you just want to become more confident, learn basic self defence skills, improve your fitness at a sociable, family friendly environment then again you have chosen the right place where you can attain this and much more.

The core purpose of the BCA however is the continuous progressive development of children in a safe, secure, friendly and structured environment. If you want your child to learn self discipline, improve their confidence, make friends and reach a level of fitness unparalleled in their friendship groups then the British Combat Academy will help you and your child accomplish this.

If you and your child feel they have what it takes to compete at an international level in kick boxing then again the BCA can help you achieve this goal.

We are regularly competing in and excelling at nationally organised but internationally recognised kick boxing events throughout the UK.

Whatever you or your child wants to achieve through martial arts then the British Combat Academy will help you.