• To defend yourself against an attack by an aggressor or aggressors
  • To defend yourself against a disease or illness
  • To prevent grave injury or death in an accident

Usually, when people hear of self-protection, they only think of the first one; by training at the British Combat Academy your training will reflect all three areas.

Any vigorous physical activity can strengthen your cardio-vascular system – you will get fit. In the case of many athletic activities you can cause injury to your body just by going through the training process. Some of the most vulnerable parts to injure include elbows, knees and the lower back.

Correct martial arts techniques will protect these parts of the body from self-inflicted injuries. Also, correct techniques involve proper breathing, which increases the blood flow of the internal organs, thus improving ones health.

The heightened level of alertness and concentration developed through martial arts practice will enable you to judge and avoid potentially dangerous situations However, if you should become involved in a hazardous circumstance, your risk of injury will be less severe than those who do not practice martial arts. For example, you may able to avoid car collision (due to quick reactions) and reduce internal injury by tightening the body muscles at the time of impact. The British Combat Academy prides it self on teaching the most current principles and concepts of self-protection, to deal with today’s enemy.

Think about it. What would your life be like if you were never intimidated by a person or situation again?