The Dojo

The dojo is fully matted and has three 5 x 5 sparring areas. We have also recently purchased a professional 18ft boxing ring to replace our homemade 14ft one.

This will give members a unique insight into how it feels to compete in a ring and will only benefit our already excellent facilities. We have recently invested heavily in a large amount of focus pads and kick shields so no matter what the class size we have the right equipment for you to train in a safe, secure and progressive environment.

The dojo also has room for 20 various style boxing bags that are all safely suspended from the ceiling. These can be used and left out in a class and there is still room for the boxing ring and a 5 x 5 matted sparring area which ensures a full varied training session is guaranteed.

ground_floor_machines_960w_299hThe Gym

The separate gym is uniquely equipped with all the latest equipment you would expect to find in a modern day crossfit gym. We have functional training equipment so you won’t find any smith or curl machines in here.

We have a large monkey bar frame, battle ropes, various size tyres to flip, an Olympic lifting platform for squats/deadlifts, a runway for prowler/sled pulls and a large selection of free weights for every fitness capability.

20141130_155424The Boxing Ring

Our boxing  sparring ring offers our members the opportunity to hone their skills learnt during their classes

We also have a club shop with equipment and uniform on display ready to buy. We have male and female changing rooms with separate W.C.’s and a recently installed shower unit. There is also a comfy seated area with tea/coffee making facilities for parents to wait while their children train. There is ample free parking just outside our dojo.